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No matter if you studied art or are a self-taught artist, I am sure once in your life you have wondered how to bring your artwork successfully from your easel to the walls of art lovers and art collectors. Maybe you have sent your portfolio to an art gallery or two or built up a Facebook page but it didn't bring the success you wish to have. Why?

As an art gallery owner, I know what art galleries need to select YOU from all the requests they receive for their exhibitions:

  • An informative and visually appealing portfolio
  • Unique artworks with distinctive characteristics
  • Comprehensive information about your artwork
  • Good quality photos of your artwork
  • Reasonable prices
  • Timely delivery of your artworks when you, al-hamdulillah, have been chosen and last but not least
  • Properly finished artworks ready to be hanged

Of course, you can do a lot to market yourself on social media. But do you really know how to? And do you really wish to? Maybe you even don't want to strike yourself with technology and put your energy into hunting for likes? You want to show your work on your own online gallery page and put the link or QR Code on your business card? You found a place to exhibit but need someone to promote you? You feel stuck and your work needs inspiration, maybe through a new environment?

If you answered only one of these questions with "yes" CAli*MA comes into play. CAli*MA is a Marketing Agency for Artists, founded by Claudia Ali. The aim is to enable artists to grow, not only professionally but also personally; to support artists by taking over tedious administrative tasks so they have more spare time to live their passion. No matter if an artist is a beginner or a veteran in the art field, CAli*MA addresses everybody's needs and offers:



Online Art Gallery
Show Room

Individual Coaching Personal Marketing Online Galleries / Show Rooms

• Structured Debate
• Critical Self-Reflection
• Empathic Guidance
• Resource Activation

• Define Your Brand
• Convey Your Message
• Create Content
• Promote Your Content

• Book an Art Gallery Page
• Keep it up to Date
• Show Your Exhibition
• Sell Your Works Online

Art Events

Social Media

Art Residency

Curating art events Social Media Inspiriation by Luxor's Ancient Sites

• Organising Art Events
• Creating Catalogues
• Promoting Art Events
• Dealing with Enquiries

• Building a FB page
• Building an IG page
• Creating Content
• Engaging with Followers

• Organising Your Stay
• Arranging Visits of
Ancient Sites in Luxor
• Creative Nile Cruises

If any of these topics resonate with you, let it sink in and see what wants to happen next.

CAli*MA is based in Luxor, Egypt.
If you are interested in our service, send a message.
The first personal briefing is free.
Start today!

Claudia Ali

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Social Media

Social Media

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