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Rarely, artists are taught about the business side of things, although they must fill so many different roles. In today’s competitive art world, artists can financially survive only by actively promoting their artworks. It's a misbelief that creating many artworks helps sell many artworks. Sorry to say, but art is not enough, talent is not enough!

Say you’re a painter and your studio is filled with dozens of your pieces. However, no one will know about your artwork - let alone, want to buy it - unless you market it. Don’t be afraid of art marketing, be inspired!

Nowadays, artists are no longer dependent on art galleries. They can use digital marketing platforms like social media or our art gallery page as an effective means for reaching out to their target audience to promote and sell artworks.

It's hard work to maintain a good reputation online on different channels. And, that takes months. But it pays in the long run. When an artist’s reputation is well established, it becomes the basis to build a solid base of loyal customers.

Picasso Quote
Based on a photo of Zhang Xinxin

Here Are Some Marketing Strategies:

  • Create a convincing (online) portfolio and online gallery
  • Create social media business pages
  • Consistently post text and visual content
  • Create short videos
  • Organise your own (group) art show
  • Manage your contacts
  • Create archives to organise your existing artwork
  • Email Marketing

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Not sure how to market your artwork? No problem - we have all the tips to help you learn how to promote yourself as an artist. Or you hire us to do a part of the job. Just contact us.

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