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Coaching doesn't simply mean giving advice, it goes much deeper. Coaching explores the individual needs of an artist and supports his/her personal, professional and artistic development. Art coaching helps artists to balance their creativity with structure and focus, guides them and provides practical and emotional support. Getting support and feedback from someone who is not emotionally involved and has no expectations, can help make giant leaps forward.

A career in the arts can trigger deep emotions like rejection, vulnerability and self-doubt. Don't think you failed personally when you ask for help. Very rarely, a single person can solve every problem on his or her own - artist or not. Support is something that all people crave. It helps to have a view at your life from an outside, objective perspective. Sometimes, it suffices when someone can see the bigger picture; when someone believes in you and your capability and re-ignites the spark within you. And: To ask for coaching doesn't necessarily mean that something is going wrong in your life. Perhaps things are already going great. But coaching can help you to keep the momentum going.

Photo: Dawid Zawila via Unsplash
Photo: Dawid Zawila via Unsplash

Each artist is on a unique journey. A personal coaching programme is designed specifically for you and your current needs. As an art coach, my job is to empower you to reflect and make informed decisions to create positive change in your personal, professional and artistic life. In practical terms it means we can meet regularly for one-to-one conversational coaching sessions over a chosen period of time to allow a continuous development to take place.

The Art Coaching Process

  • Recognising existing strengths and identifying existing challenges
  • Understanding the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
  • Overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • Setting clear goals
  • Working towards the goals
  • Developing tools and habits for success
  • Staying focused
  • Keeping setbacks in perspective, while celebrating victories
  • Creating a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself
  • Resting and re-evaluating your process after 2 or 3 months

Photo: Jamie Templeton via Unspalsh
Photo: Jamie Templeton via Unsplash

Sometimes the boundaries between coaching and marketing strategies are fluid. Developing sales skills, getting organised, setting priorities, getting better at promoting yourself and being visible online and offline are common topics during a coaching process. As an art coach I also help you to improve these issues. But don't expect miracles. You'll get as much from a coaching relationship as you are willing to put into it. Let's talk!

I am based in Luxor, Egypt.
If you look for an art coaching
send a message and let's meet up.
The first consultation is free.

Claudia Ali

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