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By Artists Abdullah Ali Butler and Mahmoud Mokhtar
Cairo Atelier, May 2023

Curating an exhibition in Cairo

It has been a great honour to curate an exhibition for the two extraordinary artists Abdullah Ali Butler and Mahmoud Mokhtar in Cairo. They exhibited paintings - Abdullah Ali Butler "Metamorphosis" - and sculptures - Mahmoud Mokhtar "Basaltic Code". The artists and the gallery donated 15% of the proceeds to Animal Care in Egypt - ACE, Luxor.

Curating an exhibition in Cairo
Exhibition opening on 7 May 2023, artist Mahmoud Mokhtar (left) speaking


09/05/23 Al Qahira News: احرص ان تكون اعمالي صحيقة للبية (print only)
10/05/23 Al Bawabh News: المصري القديم" ينير أتيليه القاهرة في معرضين
14/05/23 Daily Press Masr: معرض الفنان التشكيلي محمود مختار نصر الدين والفنان الإنجليزي مارك بتلر في عشق الحضارة المصرية

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